Client Testimonials

Cis Frankel has helped my husband and me out tremendously with our Vizsla pup, Harper. When we decided to get a puppy, we were excited about the adventures we would have exploring the city, going on hikes, taking her on trips with us, and how fun it would be to bring the little pup into our lives. We both had puppies before so we were not naive about the amount of work a puppy takes; however, what we did not anticipate was a puppy who was literally terrified of everything — to the point of visibly shaking and not being able to walk down the street. Well, that’s what we got, Harper was afraid of everything besides us and other dogs. She was passive aggressive and would find what I named “comfort treasures” (i.e. garbage on the streets of Chicago) and she would growl and snap at us when we would try to take them away. In the first month between potty training in a high rise, biting us, and being terrified of any person that walked by us there were many tears. There was even a point when I thought we were going to have to give her back.

Then Cis came in to our lives. She was a game changer from day one! She spent over 2 hours on the phone with me the first night just listening and educating me on things that were going on. After that, we decided to join her puppy class and we now have a totally new pup! We have class once a week and our puppy’s learning everything from the most basic “sit”, “down”, “leave it” and “come” commands to more in-depth temperament training and trust activities. There is also a lot of time for puppy play.

When we started class, Harper would not even approach another person and would hide between my legs, and now she runs from person to person with her tail up. She walks down the street like a champ, sitting at each intersection and comes to a whistle command while off leash. I can’t even remember the last time she growled at me. While we have a long way to go before perfection, at 6 months I’m pretty happy with our little girl and can’t wait for our next class level with Cis.

Cis’ dedication, patience and knowledge of her practice is amazing. She is always available for after-hours calls when we have questions or need help. I would highly recommend Cis and the Canine Intelligence Agency to anyone!
Aimee and Joe, Chicago, IL

When I first adopted Max, he was terrified of the city and I was afraid he would never be happy here. Thankfully, Cis was recommended for helping dogs acclimate in these situations. Cis gave so many great tips and provided such a great class environment that Max has grown to love city life! I know I couldn’t have adjusted him on my own, so I’m forever thankful to her!
Jackie C., Chicago, IL

Cis, at CIA, is the dog whisperer! We rescued our shepherd-collie mix from Paws, and started group training with Cis about a week after adoption. Our pup at the time was 7-months old and did not know much – such as how to climb stairs, walk on a leash, or even respond to her name. But the second Cis took command of the leash, she had our dog sitting, staying, jumping, rolling, dropping, and heeling — commands that our dog, and certainly us, had never even used before! It’s now two years later, and we continue to attend class with Cis. Our dog is ecstatic as soon as she realizes it’s “training day.” It’s an awesome opportunity for her to socialize with her pup friends, reinforce acquired skills, and challenge herself to new tasks.

Cis is incredibly attentive, patient, encouraging, and committed. She answers our phone calls and texts immediately, and provides help and reassurance, in and outside of class. I would highly recommend introducing your dog to Cis. I don’t know where we’d be without her!
Andrea B., Chicago

Cis Frankel’s CIA (Canine Intelligence Agency) was an unbelievable experience for our 4-month-old puppy! Cis’ knowledge of dogs really helped us understand our dog’s behavior, why he reacts the way he does and what we can do to make him a fun, happy, and well-tempered dog. The classes were held all over Lincoln Park — from a heated garage/puppy playhouse, to a fenced in parking lot, the park, the beach and on the street with live traffic. We experimented with taking our dog off his leash and having him find us as we hid. We told him how to wait at the streets when cars came — and how to play with other dogs varying in sizes and ages.

After a two-month class, our dog received great socialization experiences as well as a toolbox full of training tips and tricks, where none of them are the word ‘no.’ Cis’ attention to each dog and their owners made us feel really important and also made us feel that she really cared about each dog. I hope to sign up for another round someday soon! I would 100% recommend the CIA for all dogs and puppies!
Estar S., Chicago

Our dogs have been training with the Canine Intelligence agency for over 10 years. We own an 11-year-old female Weimaraner and also 5-year-old male Weimaraner that is from the CIA litter. It has been one of the best experiences of our lives! The CIA dogs are a joy to be with. They are loyal companions, have stellar temperaments, love to exercise, and are very smart and obedient — thanks to Cis! Every week they go out on doggie adventures and have a ball. We feel lucky to have such special dogs. Our male Weimaraner even earned his AKC Championship show title. We give the Canine Intelligence Agency our highest recommendation. Thank you, Cis!
Renee and Tom L., Chicago

My husband and I literally thank our lucky stars on a daily basis that we found Cis when our second Portuguese Water Dog, Slater, was a puppy.

Before we started working with Cis, Slater would gleefully retrieve dead fish and animals and then wildly circle me. Now, he will not look at a dead animal (turns his head away almost in disgust) and immediately comes to my side, as if to reassure me he’s in tune with what’s acceptable! I never thought we’d be able to break this habit! We comfortably walk him off leash everywhere; he even approaches alleys that don’t have a clear curb and stops until he hears us release him.

Last year, he got out of our patio in California to follow my husband who was out for a beach run. When I discovered this, I panicked because the street that separates us from the beach is a major boulevard. Within a few minutes, I got a call from someone who found Slater sitting at the corner, staring at the beach, but never attempting to cross. When my husband returned and heard what had happened, he said, “Wow, thank you, Cis. You saved both Slater’s and my life”.
Nancy H., Chicago

I cannot say enough how much my husband, myself and most importantly our dog, Bailey, has learned from Cis Frankel. Her approach and patience with all of her clients is second to none. And her breadth and wealth of knowledge and experience shows in the room from day one.

Her accessibility and willingness to help outside the weekly sessions is invaluable and something that is hard to find elsewhere. Our dog Bailey is growing into the dog that every owner hopes for and a continued interaction with Cis is a big reason why!
Stephanie, Chicago, IL